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Help!!! I Think I am Missing a W2!!

If I could only tell you how many times a reader asks me to find a way to get a copy of

their W-2. Sometimes it will happen if an employee moves and did not provide a new address to the former employer...or sometimes a business will go out of business and maybe they did not issue the proper W-2 information. Quite honestly, sometimes people just want to make life harder on other people and so they maybe do not give them their forms in happens! Also, we are all human and things happen...but what

do you do if it happens to you??

Have you ever wondered if you are just stuck without ever being able to use that income, or what happens if you do not include the income because you forgot about it and get a notice later on that you owe the IRS money because you did not report your income. The IRS isn't going to say..hey it is no big didn't know...they are going to say that as a consumer it is your responsibility to make sure all your income is reported..whether you have a form or even if you are missing a form!

Well, NEVER FEAR CORDELIA'S HERE!!! We here at Authority Accounting are more than happy to provide you with guidance and steps to locate your missing information so you can get your return filed! (And filed correctly!) I am putting a link down at the bottom that you can click on to request the missing information. You also are welcome to come on in and we at Authority will help you retrieve your missing items!

Give us a call today to schedule your appointment right away! Whether it is questions, tax returns, or just a friendly hello we welcome you to come and EXPERIENCE THE AUTHORITY DIFFERENCE!

Call 866-495-9606 right away!


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