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Amendments...what is the real scoop on unemployment money?

Good Morning Everyone!!!! Sooooo...burning question of the day is how do i get my extra money back for Unemployment? or "Can I do an amendment right now to get my money back"...well right now the IRS has stated that NOONE can do amendments for Unemployment...YET....the key word here is yet! The reason is that they are trying to decide if they are going to do amendments (which puts a ton of extra work for them) or if they will do a credit on next taxes next year...or if they will automatically put a system in place on their end to determine the difference for you and send you additional funds. IF you have not already filed then get in and file so we can make sure you get to take advantage of this opportunity while it is available. 517-759-1315! Home of the $75 Tax Return!


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